Q. How quickly can you purchase my house?

We can usually purchase your house within 2- 3 weeks. We will also work to your timescales and complete the transaction on a date that suits you should you need more time to move out.

Q. What fees will I have to pay to you?

None at all. There are no estate agency fees. We will even pay your legal fees. This means that you receive 100% of the purchase price that we agree with you at the beginning of the process.

Q. Will my sale be confidential?

We keep all sales confidential and there will be no for sale signs etc. We will also keep you updated every step of the way where how the sale is progressing.

Q. How much will it cost me to receive an offer?

Nothing. We are always happy to give you a no-obligation, free offer on your property.

Q. Can I Reject Your Offer?

Yes, we understand that selling a house is a difficult process and you might be having some doubts. When we make you an in-writing offer, you can reject it without worry.

Q. Do you buy houses that need repairs?

Yes, no repairs are needed. Even if your home’s roof is falling apart, your kitchen is woefully out of date, or your foundation is cracking, we are interested in buying your home without any repairs.

Q. What if I am not able to move everything out of my house?

We will take care of anything that you leave behind if necessary.

Q. How soon will I hear from you after I submitted my information?

We will contact you usually within 24 to 48 hours. If you submitted your information online and haven’t heard from us, give us a call to make sure we have your proper contact info.

Q. Are you a local business or some large out of state company?

We are a local, family owned company. We are not some large franchise that you are dealing with.

Q. How does working with Fast Home Buyers compare to working with a real estate agent?

Real estate agents charge you a commission and can’t guarantee a quick sale because they need to find a buyer. We can guarantee a quick sale without a commission because we are the buyers. There are no inspections, no waiting on financing because we give you the best possible value for your home.

Q. What areas do you cover?

We buy any house in any condition throughout the south coast area.